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Feminine Intimate Health

Two Non-Surgical Feminine Intimate Health Services Performed by a Board Certified Female Gynecologist

  • Non-Surgical
  • Safe
  • No Downtime

For many women, life changes can also mean changes in your body and especially in your intimate areas. From hormonal shifts over time to childbearing, you may feel a lowered quality of intimate life, especially due to changes such as a loss of lubrication, urinary incontinence, a decrease in sensation in the vulva and vagina, looseness or laxity of the vagina and a loss of tone in the labia.

Dr. Naida’s non-surgical feminine intimate health treatments can help women to feel a greater sense of self-confidence and pride in their bodies as well as greater enthusiasm for sexual activity. Decreased sexual satisfaction and activity does not have to be a part of growing older, and a feeling of discomfort about the vagina and vulva does not have to accompany childbirth. There are safe, effective, non-surgical treatments that can help women to experience a rejuvenated physical and sexual experience. As a board-certified female gynecologist, Dr. Naida has the highest levels of professional understanding and medical expertise related to treatment of the vulva and vagina. When you choose feminine intimate health treatments with Dr. Naida, you can rest assured that you are making a great choice for your body and your future.

Non-surgical Alternatives

feminine intimate health treatments does not have to mean surgery, with the pain and long recovery times that can accompany it. On the contrary, Dr. Naida’s MediSpa offers a choice of non-surgical alternatives that provide excellent results that women have raved about. These non-surgical treatments make great options for women who want to reduce the effects of aging or childbirth on the body. As a feminine intimate health treatments doctor, Dr. Naida brings her lifelong experience as a gynecologist to ensure that she is providing her patients with the best possible medical and aesthetic results. Her understanding of the female genitalia makes her an expert source for feminine intimate health treatments.

Two Excellent Choices: CO₂RE® Intima and diVaTyte™

In order to meet the needs and preferences of her patients, Dr. Naida offers two non-surgical treatment options for feminine intimate health treatments. Both procedures produce proven, tested results with large numbers of women satisfied with the changes they have made to their bodies with these treatments. Since these treatments are non-surgical options, women who opt for feminine intimate health treatments with CO₂RE® Intima and diVaTyte™ at Dr. Naida’s MediSpa don’t have to worry about lengthy recovery times or a painful experience.

CO₂RE® Intima Frequently Asked Questions

CO₂RE® Intima is a specialized laser treatment that is non-surgical and is specially designed to address unwanted changes in feminine intimate health treatments, wellness and appearance. This procedure helps to relieve the changes made through aging or childbirth and to restore the flexibility, tone and shape of the vagina. It even helps to address itching, pain or dryness.

What is the experience like?

A CO₂RE® Intima treatment will take place at Dr. Naida’s MediSpa. As a board-certified gynecologist, Dr. Naida’s experience means that she is well-placed to deliver this fast, effective procedure. CO₂RE® Intima is both safe and effective. It is completely non-surgical and requires no incisions; the entire procedure can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes.

Is the treatment painful?

CO₂RE® Intima uses a specialized laser with single-use applicators, ensuring that your experience is safe and hygienic. Patients experience mild discomfort or none at all, and there is no downtime associated with the procedure; you can receive the treatment over your lunch hour.

How long does it take to see results?

The CO₂RE® Intima treatment involves three sessions, each spaced approximately three weeks apart. However, you can expect to see improvements and aesthetic changes in the look and feel of your vagina immediately following the first session. You can also return each year for a maintenance treatment to ensure you continue to enjoy the benefits of CO₂RE® Intima.

diVaTyte™ Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Naida also offers another excellent, non-ablative, non-surgical treatment to improve the appearance of the skin of the vulva. This laser feminine intimate health therapy is performed as an in-office procedure that is quick and efficient, taking only 10 minutes. It also makes a great lunch-hour or break-time choice, as there is no downtime necessary when receiving a diVaTyte™ feminine intimate health treatment.

How does diVaTyte™ work?

As a laser treatment, diVaTyte™ uses a specially designed sapphire quartz laser with a special handpiece that massages the vaginal skin with heat. This procedure provides a more pleasing aesthetic appearance for the vulva as well as a feeling of improved tone and rejuvenated texture. Over time, the skin of the vulva – just like all skin – changes in appearance, losing tone and changing color. diVaTyte™ helps to restore the youthful look and feel of the vulva.

Great Results

Patients who visit Dr. Naida report great feelings of success and satisfaction with the treatment. Mothers have reported feeling as if their vagina has returned to its pre-childbirth state and appearance. Women who have lost confidence in their appeal and sexuality over the years say that feminine intimate health treatments at Dr. Naida's MediSpa have revived their experience of pleasure and satisfaction.

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