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Getting Ready For Summer With CoolSculpting

Getting Ready For Summer With CoolSculpting

Summer is here with us, and you’re nowhere near the perfect summer body that you had planned; which tends to happen every year to the best of us. Winter comes with it tasty treats, and our self-control escapes us. The holidays have a way of whispering in our ear, “Indulge,” which we do wholeheartedly. After all, “I can always work it all out over spring break before beach body season.” But alas! Maybe it could be that your chin has just refused to work with you. I mean, how do you even start exercising a double chin? Or magically zap out that extra fat on the inside of your thighs that just won’t go away? You may find yourself in a position with love handles that aren’t as cute as the name suggests, or extra arm fat that you would gladly do without. CoolSculpting is a procedure you want to try out.

What is CoolSculpting anyway?

CoolSculpting or Cryolipolysis, as it is technically known, is a noninvasive medical procedure that uses freezing to minimize fat in the body. Rumor has it that it was discovered completely by chance. Apparently, doctors noticed that kids, who indulged in ice-pops, went through fat degradation particularly on the cheeks. Whether or not the rumors are true, CoolSculpting picked up. With no surgery involved, it’s no wonder that CoolSculpting is quickly gaining popularity in the world of fat loss. The process of CoolSculpting uses an FDA approved gadget to freeze or rather chill the skin for up to an hour. Most CoolSculpting sessions last an hour per targeted area. During this time, the part produces a reduction of fat thickness. You may, however, have multiple sessions targeting multiple parts.

How does it work?

During treatment, Dr. Naida will apply a gel pad and applicator on the particular area you want to target. The applicator will then administer controlled cooling to the focused spot by crystallizing your fat cells. The procedure is mildly uncomfortable and unsurprisingly a little chilly. You will feel intense cold on the onset, but once the area numbs, which is not more than ten minutes, the feeling subsides. Most people end up catching up on their emails, read a book or simply take a nap. You will experience suction followed by cooling sensations. Since many of the applicators use a vacuum to suction fatty tissues into an applicator cup, you may feel tugging, pulling or mild pinching.

Because the procedure is non-surgical, absolutely no downtime is necessary. You immediately pick up from where you left your life right before checking into the hospital. If you want to go swimming, have a gym session with your trainer, you’re free to go back to business as usual. There is no reason to break your routine after a CoolSculpting session, unless you want to do it.

Is CoolSculpting the same as Liposuction?

Liposuction and CoolSculpting are both methods of fat removal but are very different. Firstly, Liposuction is a complete surgery that involves an operating room, a surgeon cutting you up and anesthesia. It is invasive unlike CoolSculpting and does provide more dramatic results in contouring. CoolSculpting, however, has no needles involved, is not a surgery and requires absolutely no downtime. Because of its non-invasive nature, you will be able to continue with your daily routine right after treatment. CoolSculpting is also very convenient because it lasts anywhere between an hour to a couple of hours, so you can quickly dash from work during a coffee/lunch break to go for the treatment. You can then head back without any dramatic change to your day.

Is CoolSculpting for me?

CoolSculpting is a procedure that is designed specifically for those with unwanted fat in specific areas. It shouldn’t be confused with weight-loss surgery. If you have noticeable bulges in some body sections that you want to eradicate immediately, then CoolSculpting is for you. Dr. Naida will assist you to create a personalized treatment that is specially tailor-made to fit your goals. The duration of your CoolSculpitng treatment will vary considering the number of areas that require treatment per visit. Some patients prefer to have different area targeted in one sitting, while others prefer to do one at a time. With the latest technology, you can be treated in 35-60 minutes per targeted area. Some practices have advanced to having numerous CoolSculpting systems and applicators. With this innovation, it makes it possible to have different areas treated in one sitting. It is important to have a sit down with your physician/ provider to advise you further and schedule additional treatments, if necessary, to meet your goals.

What happens next?

After receiving the CoolSculpting treatment, you should always schedule a follow-up meeting with your physician/provider for assessment purposes. Doing so will enable the provider to have a review of your results and progress and discuss the option of further treatment, if necessary. You should, however, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the CoolSculpting treatment. The procedure does not guarantee you not getting chubby around the edges again if you don’t take care of your body.

You don’t require any supplements or special diet after the CoolSculpting treatment. After all, it isn’t an exercise or diet program. You can continue with your lifestyle habits. Many patients, however, are motivated to maintain their new look, so they work harder at taking care of their bodies.