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How does SkinTyte™ Work?

As our skin ages, its base foundation known as the dermal matric begins to lose its tight, interwoven structure as some of its elastin and collagen strands become stretched. There is also a decreased production of collagen and its elastin. The Skintyte procedure utilizes infrared thermal energy to deeply heat collagen in the dermis. The heat also initiates the body’s natural healing or repair process, which creates a renewed collagen foundation leading to increased skin firmness. Powerful cooling maintains the outer surface of your skin at a cool temperature before, during and after each pulse proving the patient a comfortable and safe procedure.

What is a treatment like?

The SkinTyte light energy is delivered in a sequence of rapid, gentle pulses. There is no need for a topical anesthetic, however your physician may choose to use one or more sensitive areas. A series of pulses will be repeated over the treatment area to ensure best results. While the face and neck can typically be treated within 30 minutes, the actual time will depend of the area treated

What areas can be treated?

SkinTyte treatments are safe for all skin colors and can be performed on any area of the body where and improvement in your skin firmness is desired. Popular areas include the face, neck, abdomen and arms. You should consult with your physician regarding what treatment option are best for you.

Who should consider Skintyte?

The procedure is recommended for those who desire mild to moderate noticeable skin improvement without surgery.

When will I begin to see results?

SkinTyte procedures may vary from patient to patient. 3-5 treatments sessions are often recommended to achieve maximum collage rebuilding and skin firming. Patients may see immediate firming results right after treatment but the full effect of improvement is achieved several months after treatment as collagen continues to rebuild.

What after care do I need?

No special skin care regime is required following treatment. However, you should always protect your skin from direct sun exposure and use a good sunscreen. Your physician can also recommend an at home skin care regimen if desired.

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